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Simulations for science education have been around for decades. Traditionally, the coding skills required were just out of reach for beginning students. Not so anymore. Using elementary javascript, we can code basic to advanced sims that show interesting science without having to spend years learning software development. The skills learned are applicable to both physics and other coding rich fields.

Books are great. There's no denying that. However, so are motion graphics! We can make abstract science concepts visual by coding up simple simulations. Our forthcoming science.js library will make it easy for students and coders everywhere to build their own sims.

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Recent Posts

  • Hello Again

    I’ve been using these sims in courses for the last few years. However, like so many projects, I’ve let the regular maintenance and updating of this site fall a little bit behind. Since the spring will no doubt involve a lot of online teaching for me, it’s time to dust...

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  • Where to start

    The question has come up: “What can we do with p5.js?” The answer is of course a lot. But here are some short write-ups that help to make that answer clearer: Tutorial 1: What is p5 good at part 1 and part 2: Tutorial 2: What is p5 good at...

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  • Got Issues?

    Have an idea for a sim? Or see something that’s not quite right on an existing sim? Go ahead and make it an issue on our github repo: If it’s related to a sim, use this link: If it’s related to the website, then try this one:

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